Gabag is a consumer goods company that produces from a thermal bag (cold and warm usage)

and breastfeeding stuff like storage breastmilk, breastpad and nursing cover.

Our company already have exported to Malaysia and Australia Market


GabaG launched its first product of a stylish & chic thermal bag for breastfeeding mother.


Claimed its the 16 hours cold guarantee.


The brand GabaG was patented.


  • Rebranded the product - GabaG Uniquely Active.
  • Launched a Self-standing and leak proof Breastmilk storage.
  • Launched a Hypoallergenic Nursing Breastpad.
  • 2015

  • Expanded to South east asian and Australian market.
  • TOP Brand Award.
  • Business Record Award.
  • SUCOFINDO certification on the 16 hours cold guarantee.
  • Featured on Marketing Magazine.
  • Featured on SWA Marketing.
  • Featured on various online and printed magazines.
  • Featured on various news and TV programs.
  • 2016

  • Rebranded the product - Family Product
  • Expanded the production facilities
  • Expand
  • GabaG History

    GabaG's first product was created through an inspiring motherhood journey of its founder, Gabriella Rayana Lengkong.

    In 2011,

    working with her husband,

    Fandy Sundoro,

    they built

    PT. GabaG Indonesia

    and marketed the products through out Indonesia and several other countries.

    That is the beginning of an amazing story behind the brand GabaG as we know it today.

    Vision,Mission, & Values

    VISION :

    To bring to the World as Competitive

    Consumer Goods Company,

    Frontier, and Solutive.


    1. Making our products as superior products and value.

    2. Improve the Quality of Service.

    3. Creating a Good Working Environment for Employees to Work, creativity, & Achievement.

    VALUES :

    1. Innovation

    2. Aggressive

    3. Integrity

    4. Customer Focus

    5. Teamwork

    CEO Message

    " Empathy and Creativity is the key "

    You have to recognize the needs of your

    customers and transform it into a

    great product.

    ~ Gabriella Rayana Lengkong ~

    "Our guidance is 3P -

    Passion, Patience, and Persistence”

    Start it with passion,

    work on it with patience and persistence,

    then success is inevitable.

    ~ Fandy Sundoro ~

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